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Water damaged ceilings? Old lath & plaster ceilings? We can help..

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Water damaged ceilings;

If your ceiling has sustained water damage chances are, if its a plasterboard ceiling, it will need cutting out and repaired which involves replacing the damaged plasterboard with new ones, scrim taping all joints, then skimming over.

Damaged lath and plaster ceilings;

Lath and plaster ceilings are prone to cracking due to age and type of materials used. Due to its temperamental properties and depending on its condition in most cases lath and plaster is usually treated using an overboard system which involves covering the entire ceiling or wall with a thin plasterboard which is fixed into place using 65mm drywall screws, the fixings pass through the board, the existing lath and plaster and into the ceiling joists/wall studs, compressing the existing plaster structure and creating a new sound surface ready for skimming. Overboard systems offer a clean, practical solution and also contributes toward added fire resistance and insulation value. Alternatively you can take down the lath and plaster to expose, hopefully, straight joists which we have to de nail, this method is extremely dusty but sometimes the lath and plaster can form bows that cannot be compressed and over boarding over the top will not achieve a flat surface, so taking the ceiling down is the only option. I will happily advise you on your options once inspecting the ceiling.

We can also re plaster unsightly artex and textured coatings, creating a new smooth finish ready for painting providing the surface is in sound condition, otherwise plaster boarding may be required first. We also carry out painting and decorating so we could complete the whole job for your convenience.

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